Preiswertes Doppelzimmer mit Bad im Nordstern Hostel in Münster

The hostel

The Nordstern Hostel along with his iconic Nordstern Restaurant is centrally located in probably Muenster's most beautiful city quarter - the Kreuzviertel.

With the Nordstern Hostel as a base both the city center with all the sights, cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops as well as most institutions and facilities of the university such as Mensa am Aasee, Faculty of Law or Leonardo Campus are only about ten minutes away. Close to the Kreuzviertel there are also the popular recreational areas Wienburg Park and the Promenade belt.

Nordstern Hostel in Münsters Kreuzviertel

The Nordstern Hostel is surrounded by a neighborhood of beautifully restored historic homes and located on a beautiful square around a church - the Kreuzkirche. Just outside the front door of the hostel each year the famous Kreuzviertel festival is held in August.

The Nordstern Hostel offers low-priced accommodation in individually designed rooms with the inestimable advantage of having the best restaurant for fried chicken directly in the house!