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Hostel & Restaurant under one roof

Are you looking for a central, cozy hostel in Muenster-City with charm? Then the Nordstern-Hostel in Muenster's Kreuzviertel is the right place for you as a short or long-term guest. Weekend and weekend travelers, business people, students, craftsmen on assembly and families are equally welcome.

Our hostel is beautifully located in Muenster in the heart of the Kreuzviertel. The attached restaurant "Nordstern" on the ground floor with its famous roast chicken, many restaurants, shops and cafes in walking distance in the neighbourhood and a great infrastructure and proximity to the city make the hostel an attractive starting point for exploring the city of Muenster.

28 rooms, 60 beds  |  1-3-bed rooms (including four 3-bed rooms)  |  bright, spacious, newly renovated  |  with central heating  |  with washbasin  |  non smoking room  |  free WLAN

Nordstern Restaurant Münster 1961



History of the Nordstern


Over 100 years of "Nordstern" - an institution in the Kreuzviertel!

Founded in 1905, there were only two tenant families who managed the Nordstern on behalf of the Theodor Lodde family. The first restaurant concession dates back to the imperial era.

Around 1928 Heinrich Lodde took over the middle-class dining restaurant at the Kreuzkirche and continued to run it. The restaurant also had a hall building - later destroyed in the war - in which the then famous "Evening Society of the Zoological Garden" also met. The rest of the north star survived the war largely undamaged, but the hall structure was never rebuilt. At the end of the war there was only one thin beer left in the Nordstern, the so-called "Fliegerbier", but hardly anyone drank it, so that it had tipped over at the end of the war and it could only be used as a liquid for mortaring.

Immediately after the end of the war the restaurant reopened under the difficult conditions. So there was no real beer, just a whey beer. The procurement of food was also extremely difficult and so sometimes the only option was the black market.

After the currency reform the restaurant began to run properly again - as a bourgeois eatery and bar with lunch and dinner.

In the early 1960s, Klaus Lodde, the son, continued to run Nordstern. He also came up with the idea of ​​the chickens that still characterize Nordstern cuisine today. This so-called "chicken smithy" is known far beyond the borders of Muenster and the Kreuzviertel. The selection of freshly tapped beers is just as popular as the chicken. The Nordstern bar offers freshly tapped beer from Hamburg to Munich, with trips to the Rhineland and Sauerland as well as to the Czech Republic.

In 2007 Klaus Lodde sold the house at Hoyastraße 3 to his successors who continued to operate the Nordstern with great dedication and energy and have now also connected a hostel. The hit of the menu is of course still the chickens, of best quality and freshly made for every guest. There are also a number of other delicious dishes as well as seasonal items such as asparagus and kale. Various beers continue to flow and are lovingly tapped.