House Rules

1. Smoking or lighting any fire and naked flames are generally prohibited in our premises!
Each violation will be fined with 50 Euro. In case of releasing the Fire Alarm negligently by cigarette smoke or any other handling of fire or smoke (smoke detector on the ceiling) or who by improper use releases fire alarm has to bear the full amount of costs accrued by the automatic follow action of the fire service.

2. For safety and hygienic reasons it is not allowed to store or prepare food and drinks in rooms.

3. Taking into consideration that people may have the wish to sleep noise should be avoided from 10:00 pm. We kindly ask to listen to music or radio with headphones. Please keep the window to the courtyard closed after 11:00 pm if you still want to talk in the room.

4. We draw your attention to the fact that we cannot accept any liability for loss or damage of your personal belongings. Please be sure to lock your room when you leave.

5. It is principally not allowed that persons who are not occupants of our Hostel stay overnight in the Hostel.

6. It is strictly prohibited to bring into or to consume alcohol and other drugs in the Hostel.

7. It is not allowed to bring weapons of any kind to the Hostel.

8. The Hostel management exercises the right of the owner of the property to forbid somebody entrance or order somebody to leave! In urgent cases the Hostel management takes the liberty to enter the rooms in order to take the necessary measures. In the event of trespass or violation of the house rules the Hostel management shall be entitled to take the necessary measures to re-establish order. After repeated warnings or in case of gross violation of good relationships between the occupants the Hostel management can order the person(s) concerned to leave the Hostel.

9. In case of damage or contamination of the building or inventory the damage is to be regulated by the causer.

10. Lost keys will be charged with 100 Euros. The amount has to be paid immediately in cash or by debit card in the restaurant.

11. Registered guests can arrange individual arrival times with the hostel management. Otherwise booked rooms / beds are kept available until 8 pm. The rooms are available from 4 pm on the arrival day. If you arrive earlier you can leave your luggage in our restaurant. On the departure day we ask you to vacate the room by 12 am.